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Get immediate help with minor illnesses and injuries:

Pharmacists can also advise on minor illnesses and injuries:

Walk-In Centre

The majority of patients are seen within one hour of booking into our Walk In Centre. Services available to all NHS patients and is functioning throughout the Covid-19 Pandemic. It continues to be staffed by a GP and Minor Illness Nurses.

All patients will be triaged in the Entrance Foyer via the intercom by our Reception staff. Patients will be asked to wait either in the Waiting Room and then be seen face to face by the clinician, or patients may be asked to wait in their car and have a telephone call from the clinician, depending on the clinical presentations. This is to ensure the safety of both patient and staff in the Walk In Centre whilst we continue to safely manage potential Covid risks.

Please attend alone, asking relatives to wait outside, wherever possible.

  • Open weekdays – 8.00am to 2.00pm
  • Open Weekends and Bank Holidays – 8.00am to 5.00pm

If you wish to get advice or see a Nurse or Doctor, please visit our Consulting Room.