Dr Tajvir Gill (male)
Partner, GMC 7071699, Primary Care Networks

Dr Christopher Haggart (male)
Partner, MBBS BSc (Medical Sciences with Management) MRCGP DCH, GMC 7293752, Practice Innovations

Dr Bharat Mehta (male)
Partner, MD, MRCGP, DFSRH, Dip DERM, GMC 6086710, Diabetes, Dermatology, Minor Surgery, GP Trainer

Dr Sudha Elangovan (female)
Partner, MBBS, MRCGP, DFFP, GMC 5199699, Women’s Sexual Health and Walk In Centre

Dr Tunde Ogunyiluka (male)
Partner, MBBS, MRCGP, MRCP (UK), GMC 4752497, Cardiology

Dr Amjad Khan (male)
Partner, BSc Neuroscience, MBBS, MRCGP, GMC 4479767, Respiratory and Prescribing Lead

Dr Ankur Khandelwal (male)
Partner MB BS, DCH, MRCGP, GMC 6150077

Dr Jenny Wilson (female)
GMC 3139336


Dr Sunita Panday (female)

Dr Mohamed Kasem (male)

Dr Mayuran Chandran (male)