Statement of Purpose

We always aim to provide high quality, compassionate care to our patients by adhering to the principles below.

  • To show our patients kindness and courtesy at all times
  • To build positive relationships with our patients through mutual respect
  • To ensure we have appropriate numbers of staff with the right skills and knowledge
  • To provide a safe and caring environment
  • To provide effective and responsive care to meet our patients’ needs
  • To support our patients to lead healthier lives and involve them in decisions about their health
  • To listen and respond to feedback from patients and staff to improve our services
  • To treat all patients equally irrespective of gender, race, disability, age, sexual orientation, religion, belief, gender reassignment, pregnancy and maternity or marital or civil partnership status
  • To regularly review the care we provide
  • To work effectively with other healthcare providers
  • To be responsive to changes and opportunities within the NHS